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Are you ready to move your First Steps in Forgotten Hill?

Let’s follow Mr. Larson’s first steps in the dreadful town of Forgotten Hill, starting from that cold November evening, passing through the horrors of the Puppet Theater, till his escape from the Surgery Clinic of Colonel McMillan. Discover new secrets and gather more information about our hero and about some residents of Forgotten Hill and explore new locations while solving new puzzles and riddles.

Forgotten Hill First Steps includes:

  • the very first Forgotten Hill game – Forgotten Hill Fall – with redesigned graphics and more polished details
  • the appreciated sequel – Forgotten Hill Puppeteer – where The Gambler made his first appearance
  • the third game – Forgotten Hill Surgery – with its surgical horrors
  • brand new contents that joins the three games together, making them become one single long story, prequel of Forgotten Hill Disillusion
  • old and new characters and a deep glimpse in Mr. Larson back story
  • our usual grotesque Forgotten Hill atmosphere
  • all text and dialogues translated into 9 languages
  • our exclusive hint system: a simple click will provide you some help and also allow to skip puzzles

Will you solve the mystery and escape? But, above all, will you survive?


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Forgotten Hill First Steps-Win.zip 101 MB
Forgotten Hill First Steps-Mac.zip 103 MB

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I remember playing these in my cubicle when I worked IT. It was pretty fun playing them again. They're a bit less janky now lol

Hi, did you remove Forgotten Hill Trilogy from itch for some reason? It doesn't show up in a search, and the link to it on your developer profile gives a 404 error.

Yes, the Trilogy has been removed as it is obsolete. Some games were not working anymore on newest Mac OS and Fall was crashing on Windows. Moreover, now the first three chapters are available in Forgotten Hill First Steps, remastered, fully working and with new content. 

We totally forgot to remove the link on our profile page, thanks for reporting.

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Oh I see... I wanted to replay the original versions. :( 

I think it would have been better to leave it there for "archival purposes" and just mention First Steps on the Trilogy page. I hate it when a remake comes out and developers try and erase all traces of the original version. Is there somewhere else I can download the trilogy?

Thanks for your suggestion, we'll think about it even if actually First Steps is not a remake, but a kind of collection of the first three chapters joined together by new contents (and working on newer OS!)

Anyway, you can play the original games on mobile and on our website.

Fall: https://www.forgotten-hill.com/game/forgotten-hill-fall/

Puppeteer: https://www.forgotten-hill.com/game/forgotten-hill-puppeteer/

Surgery: https://www.forgotten-hill.com/game/forgotten-hill-surgery/