You’ve been assigned a strange task: find the creature that escaped from the lab. Can you take Pico back to its cage? 

Play Forgotten Hill Pico, a new adventure made for Pico-8 fantasy console!


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This was very hard! it took me and my friend a long time to solve the books and the block puzzles...

However I still have questions that will probably never gonna be answered ;-;

-Why is our 'Manager' OK with  skeletons, ripped of arms, and blood buckets?

- Why does the poor Nico have too live in such a poor environment TT^TT

Hooo boy! This was a tricky one! A few of thee puzzles are a tiny bit unclear, and I think I ran into a little bit of an interface problem with the book puzzle as I DEFINITELY did it right more than once (I suspect it read more than one click ber pook), but overall, this was a very fun little puzzle game that gave me a good brain tease or two. Very cool work!

this is so fricking hard