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There is no indication that you need to go so fast with the book puzzle, to the point where I'm guessing it's a bug? That and the final puzzle were the most annoying (the latter more because while I knew generally what I had to do, the specifics of it aren't really seen in most point and click games, so it was unclear and frustrating).

The musical note puzzle was clever though, and it felt great when things finally started falling into place.

This was very hard! it took me and my friend a long time to solve the books and the block puzzles...

However I still have questions that will probably never gonna be answered ;-;

-Why is our 'Manager' OK with  skeletons, ripped of arms, and blood buckets?

- Why does the poor Nico have too live in such a poor environment TT^TT

Hooo boy! This was a tricky one! A few of thee puzzles are a tiny bit unclear, and I think I ran into a little bit of an interface problem with the book puzzle as I DEFINITELY did it right more than once (I suspect it read more than one click ber pook), but overall, this was a very fun little puzzle game that gave me a good brain tease or two. Very cool work!

i know this is 2 years old but your play through helped me finish the game and i had a lot of fun watching you struggle! worth the sub, keep it up!

this is so fricking hard